Business Automation & Systems

5S! First developed in Japan, the 5S system is a tool often used in project management to improve workplace efficiency and eliminate waste. It provides a systematic framework for organisation and improved productivity. Business is an ongoing project in so many respects, so put 5S to work for you.

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Integrated Accounts

Want to do less work reconciling your accounts and have more time for insights on how your business is performing? Integration of your accounts with relevant software applications** that can do more of the “heavy lifting” is often the way forward for many businesses, particularly during periods of growth, seasonality, or peak demand. Integrations also help your business access the tools it needs as your business operations change or new services are offered. We work with the Xero ecosystem to provide the best options for your business, now and in the future.

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App Integrations & Workflow

Even though one app may integrate with another, that doesn’t always mean that you should. If you have multiple apps you’ll also want to be sure that each application sends/receives the information required but does not leave gaps, cause duplication, or other issues. We review your current business tools and workflow**, assess your needs, and provide the expertise and guidance to determine the best apps for your business and how they should “talk” to each other.

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Managed Integrations

Native” integrations between applications are fantastic – but sometimes your business may have specific needs that they are not able to meet. Alternatively, you may not be able to access a native integration between two applications you want to use. We use a third-party connector (Integromat* – free up to 1000 operations/mth) to help fill such gaps, creating professional integrations with robust operation tracking and error reporting suitable for most small business requirements.

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Business Procedures

Any business app worth using in your business should have robust online support. However, there is a difference between have access to lots of information and understanding how it to apply it to your business operations. The way your business works is a mixture of many factors: your team, their training, your existing systems (digital and real-world), and more. Hence, the way your business works bests with a given set of tools is unlikely to be the same as your competitors. We help you figure out what works with your business and develop the internal procedures and knowledge-base** to get the most out of your business toolkit.

Specialists in the implementation and management of online accounting software and integrated cloud-based services.



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